ANNOUNCEMENTS  March 22nd-March 29th

Sunday -March 22nd

    8:30 am     Worship Service

    9:30 am     Fellowship Hour

     9:35 am    Sunday School

     9:50 am    Adult Study

    10:45 am   Worship Service

    4:00 pm   New Wine at First Lutheran   


     3:00-9:00 pm    WCMCA (Building Use)


    12:00 pm   Bible Study - Twelve Ordinary Men of the Bible

     3:30 pm    Kids Club at First Lutheran

     3:30 pm   JrHY at First Lutheran

     5:00 pm     Bell Choir

     5:15 pm    5th Grade First Communion at First Lutheran

     5:30 pm Supper served by Youth who will be attending the 2015

                    National Youth Gathering in Detroit 

                  Chili and Bars will be served for supper

     6:00 pm     Chancel Choir

     6:00 pm    SrHY

     7:00 pm   Lenten Worship Service


    12:30 pm     Women's study at Common Cup


      8:00 am     First/Faith Men's Bible Study at Faith Lutheran

    10:00 am     5th Grade make communion bread at Faith


Sunday -March 29th

     8:30 am    Worship Service

     9:30 am    Scholarship Pancake Breakfast

     9:35 am    Sunday School

     9:50 am    Adult Study

    10:45 am   Worship Service

     4:00 pm   New Wine at First Lutheran






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