ANNOUNCEMENTS  -Feb 7th-Feb 14th

Sunday -Feb 7th ("Souper" Bowl Sunday)

  8:30 am     Worship Service

  9:30 am  Fellowship Hour

   9:30 am  Outreach Meeting

  9:35 am  Sunday School

  9:35 am  Adult Study in the lounge

  9:45 pm 4 year olds make Lenten Devotional Crosses

 10:45 am  Worship Service - 4 year old Lenten

  Devotional Cross Blessing

 4:00 pm Youth Event - Super Bowl Party

 6:00 pm 4-H (building use)


 1:00-7:00 pm Tax Clinic (Building Use)


9:00 am Do-Days

5:15 pm Holy Yoga

Wednesday-Ash Wednesday

 3:30 pm Kid's Club

 5:00 pm  Bell Choir

 5:00-6:00 pm Lenten Supper - served by the Sunday School students and parents

 6:15 pm  Ash Wednesday Worship Service

 7:15 pm Chancel Choir


   12:00 pm Mutual Ministry

   12:30 pm Women's Bible Study at Common Cup


  12:00-1:00 pm "Soup in a Group" Bible Study led by Pastor Dell

 3:30 pm 4th Grade Bible Study Retreat


  8:00 am   First/Faith Men's Bible Study at Faith Lutheran

12:00-2:00pm Open House Bridal Shower for Nicole Syverson bride to be of Joe Raasch - all are welcome


Sunday - Feb 14th

  8:30 am     Worship Service

  9:30 am  Fellowship Hour

  9:35 am Sunday School

 10:45 am Worship Service







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